Hi Performance Traditional Bowstrings
  • Bow Hush Kits

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    Proven bow silencer system made from the best in New Zealand wool yarn. Bow Hush is added to the ends of the string and along the length of the limb contact. This prevents noise from string slap and the crimps help "cushion" and dampen string contact with the limbs. Works with most recurves  and many hybrid longbows. Wrap may not be used with Border Hex series and other "big hook" recurves.

    Add the lightweight Puppies made from the same durable NZ yarn to your string and your shot becomes a dull thump.

    Each set includes enough Bow Hush to wrap both ends and a set of Puppies each for 2 bows - available in Charcoal (black), Mocha (brown) or Mixed (1 set each)