Hi Performance Traditional Bowstrings

With the blessing of the originator, Robert Williams, I reintroduced the concept of Mountain Mufflers bow strings – the quietest string ever built. I offer both Robert’s Flemish style and the original DAS method utilizing endless loop construction to precisely build a string to your exact specs. 

The Mufflers (string groove padding) silencers are raw, unprocessed wool with a heavy crimp for the ultimate in dampening.
Placed at the point where the string leaves the limb when braced, they cushion the string where it slaps the limb on the shot.
This eliminates one of the major sources of shot noise on a recurve.

All strings are fully customizable from loop size, strand count, silencer placement and center serving length/diameter for proper nock fit.  

Built from Mercury, D97, 8125, 652 Spectra (original FF formula) and X99 for FF rated bows. 

B55 for non FF rated.